DitchCon 2019: Villains Ball

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What is DitchCon?

PWNCAST is throwing our 4th Annual Pre BlizzCon party in celebration of being ditched at the con. We have all been there, your friends are there one minute and gone the next. It is simply the nature of BlizzCon. To celebrate and acknowledge this, every year we bring everyone together in a DITCH-FREE Zone.
Tired of not getting into any VIP/Invite only parties? Us too. We invite you to party like vikings with zero regrets in the morning.

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What You Can Expect At DitchCon

For our 4th year throwing this party, we are channeling our inner Villain and paying homage to the diabolical geniuses we love to hate. Come dressed as your favorite foe, regardless of fandom, and impress our judges into crowning you, BEST VILLAIN, taking home awesome gaming swag.

The Villain costume contest will be judged by 2 special celebrity judges, to be announced at a later date!

Enjoy drinking, mingling and dancing to epic mixes all night by our exclusive music meister, DJ Grainz. As usual, there will be major swag giveaways and don’t forget our annual Michael Jackson dance off. We will have two bartenders for the Cash bar so you can drink and dance in one place.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for those announcements.

Want to attend this villainous ball?

Admission to DitchCon is free. However you will need to have a ticket to enter the party.

This year, the DitchCon Brew Passes for free drinks during the party will be exclusive to our Kickstarter Legendary Tier Backers.

Mark your calendar for ticket release dates: ALL TICKET TYPES ARE FREE. 

RSVP – Guaranteed Entry Tickets:

August 01, 2019 – 12:00 pm PST to October 25, 2019 – 12:00 am

General Admission Tickets:

October 25, 2019 – 12:00 am PST to October 29, 2019 – 12:00 am PST

If you have any questions please send an email to info@pwncast.tv



This will be the staff from PWNCAST that are able to attend and help with DitchCon

Podcast Crew

  • Belle

    Host of PWNCAST GM of The Riders of Rohan – Argent Dawn Destro Lock for life Follow Me On Twitter

  • Ennvee

PWNCAST Affiliates

  • Keos

    Facebook Admin & PDQ News Writer Member of the Riders of Rohan – Argent Dawn DitchCon Facilitator Follow Me On Twitter

  • DJ Grainz

    PWNCAST DJ Member of the Riders of Rohan – Argent Dawn EVGA Master & Bass Bringer Follow Me On Twitter

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