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ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! DitchCon 2017Are You Ready?

What is DitchCon?

What is DitchCon you ask? PWNCAST is throwing a pre BlizzCon party in celebration of being ditched at the con. We have all been there. Your friends are there one minute and gone the next. It is the nature of all of the things going on all at once. We wanted to bring everyone together to one place where you can’t be ditched.

Thanks to the support of nerd like you, we have fully funded this party! Bring friends.

Learn More about DitchCon 2017 – Watch Below

What You Can Expect At DitchCon

DitchCon will be held in the Avalon Ballroom at the Hilton. There will be a DJ and Lighting to set the proper party mood. We will have two bartenders on each side of the ballroom. These will be cash bartenders. We will have security to make sure we keep the vibes good and the atmosphere positive.

There will also be tables to sit when you need a break from dancing. How yeah did we mention dancing? Wear your best dancing shoes. We will have a foyer if you find you need some quiet at some point throughout the night.

Enjoy drinking, mingling and dancing while our DJ gives you the beats you need to move like Jagger. There will be giveaways and our Michael Jackson dance off as well as other contests throughout the night. We will have two bars set up inside the party that will be a cash bar so you can drink and dance.

Join us at the Hilton 1st Floor in the 1st floor, Avalon Ballroom on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 for the first of many PWNCAST parties. Let us surround you with music, drinks, friends, gamers and nerds alike. What are you waiting for?

Admission is Free but you will need a ticket for entry – Doors open at 8:30PM – Party starts at 9:00pm

Get Tickets

Admission to DitchCon is free. However, RSVP to ensure you can get it with no issues.


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This will be the staff from PWNCAST that are able to attend and help with DitchCon

Podcast Crew

  • Remedyz

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  • Belle

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The Facebook Admin Crew

  • Elnaris

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PWNCAST Affiliates

  • Grainz

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  • Murky

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